I have taught for many years now and have done so because I produce great results with children of all ages, as I do not cater to age but to their individual talent.  I try my best to create a positive atmosphere in my art studio and allow the children to relax into their own thoughts about the task at hand.
I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts which I received in Australia from Monash University and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from SUNY University, Albany New York. For most of the life I drew and just wanted to explore my surroundings through art and it's shaped my outlook to life and I have come to a point in my life that now, I just want to give back to others.

​I enjoy working with people that have a desire to learn the arts, as I know in my heart that stimulating the creative side of the brain can enhance them mentally and instill self awareness.  Allowing them to discover talents they were given at birth.

My goal is to create confidence, allowing the children to explore and absorb and to show them how to process in order to digest and for each of us to create and be creative.